The Conference for Men

The Conference for Men was life changing. I've done a lot of transformational work: bodyworker for 20 years, a martial artist for over 25…Intensive trainings and experiences are not new.

This is one of the inflection points in my life.

Other people have shared better than I the information passed along that weekend. It was incredibly useful, and some of it went in really deeply.  

What struck me the most, what I took with me was not what I learned, but what I am. The holding of space, the exercises, the experience were set up so that our action, repeatedly, over and over, invited us to show up, invited us to feel, invited us to have a different relationship with the men around us and the man inside us.

That experience, that habit, that perspective, that feeling of being in the world in a different way...THAT was the gift for me because I am now a different person in my marriage, with my kids, in my work, in my life.

Information I can forget; I will not forget the look in my brothers eyes or the open hearts that I felt, the support that was given endlessly, freely, with joy, without reservation or conditions. I will not forget the intensity of the emotions and stories that we now hold for each other so that we do not have to hold them alone.

I cannot forget what I felt and what I feel now as I am home…I’m not back, I came home into a new life.

My deepest gratitude to the men who showed up, and the men who created this, and the tribe that I am now a part of...I've got your back, brothers.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."--Buckminster Fuller